Hello, this is Brad, and…

…I will describe the community in which we live and work. The Central Coast of California consists of six counties: Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz. San Luis Obispo County is in the middle of the Central Coast. The county has a population of 283,000 and is made up of several towns that each have their own “vibe”. The locals call it by its nickname, SLO County. We also call living here the “SLO LIFE”. Describing what “SLO LIFE” means is hard to explain and may be a little different to each person. But, generally speaking, it is a life that may be a bit “slower” than in the larger cities. Many of the new residents have come to SLO county to escape the hustle of the cities. With the realization of a COVID world, many people are choosing the low population density of SLO County as a safe harbor from the increased exposure possibilities of the larger cities.

San Luis Obispo County Drone Footage 4K

Beaches to Vineyards

I like the fact that I can be walking on the beach, and 20 minutes later wine tasting among the vineyards of world renowned wineries. I am a craft beer enthusiast and feel confident that SLO County has, on a per-capita basis, some of the best breweries in the state and/or nation. The rolling hills, beaches, lakes, and open spaces allow for many outside activities. A year-round average temperature of 70 degrees provides plenty of opportunities to get into nature and enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful views.

Cal Poly

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) is in the city of San Luis Obispo. It is constantly ranked as one of the top colleges in many different areas of study. I feel that because Cal Poly is a state university, with much lower tuition fees in comparison to the other private colleges, it has a very good return on investment for the students – and their parents!

Aerial CalPoly SLO Campus

As I sit and think about what to write in describing SLO County from my personal perspective, I will try to not come off as a tourism writer. When I first moved here over 25 years ago, I realized that whatever stereotype ideas of certain segments of people went out the window! My first experience was seeing a male surfer with long blonde hair coming off the beach, change out of his wetsuit into his jeans, boots, flannel shirt, hat, and drive off in what appeared to be a farm truck. I grew up in Tulare, and have been in many of my friends’ farm trucks, so I know what they look like. At that moment my stereotype that all surfers are like Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High was completely erased! I have come to find that this county has a very diverse blend of many different segments of society. Agriculture, Technology, Arts, Entertainment, Sports, are just a few general categories that have numerous sub-categories underneath. And, in my opinion, a lot of these categories are represented on a world stage.

I raised my two kids here. I am so thankful that I did. The lifestyle, the numerous activities, and the safety the county provides gives me “peace of mind” knowing that my young grandson will also grow up here.


I believe that people are communal. No, I did not imply that people live in communes, but rather are attracted to those who are like-minded and have similar interests. People move, or get vacation homes, in SLO County because they want to experience the “SLO Life”. As a real estate professional it is best to only give “OBJECTIVE” information on the ideological characteristics of a community so not to be considered prejudicial if taken the wrong way. To remain objective on our part, we created the CITY DATA page to give you the INTANGIBLES of each community. From this, you can come to your own “SUBJECTIVE” conclusions.

Real Estate is LOCAL

As real estate professionals, we feel that it is equally important to provide “INTANGIBLE” information about communities as it is to provide “TANGIBLE” information about properties. The agents of EMA each live in different sections of the county and can speak from personal knowledge about the communities they represent. I feel that there is nothing worse than buying a home only to later realize that you were so goal directed on finding a property that fit your tangible criteria’s, that you neglected to research the communal characteristics as well. AND, the buyers agent did not provide the communal information because they don’t really know it as they do not live in, or near, the community.

…and beyond

We are based in San Luis Obispo county, however, we are able to work with clients anywhere in the world. Many people are attracted to our “When you’re ready…” tagline and our “Full-Service Approach” and want to work with us outside of our geographic location. With our national and international presence through our brokerage, we can represent our partners in a manner consistent with our ideological beliefs wherever they are located.