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BUYING or SELLING a property in San Luis Obispo County is a big decision, which is why it’s more important than ever that you choose the right real estate professional to be on your side. We’d love to work with you! Learn more about us and why we do what we do.

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Evans Moore and Associates is a Full-Service Collaborative of

in San Luis Obispo County.


Hello, this is Brad and I will describe Greg and myself. I feel that our separate skill sets create a unique combination. I am very Right Brain dominant. My degree is in Radio/Television/Film production. I have always been “creative” and study how visual mediums influence society. Greg has a degree in Finance and a minor in Real Estate. He is more Left Brain dominant and has such a passion for the intricate details of numbers, processes, and scenarios that are waaaaaaay outside my level of comprehension (or attention span!). See, I may be Right Brain dominant, but I do have Left Brain understanding. Greg may be Left Brain dominant, but he also has a good amount of Right Brain creativity, so he does not dose off when I am talking about my creative aspirations and applying them to real estate marketing. We are “People Persons” first, Real Estate Agents second. What we do creates relationships with people that moves from being “clients” to that of being “friends”.

We use

Modern Technology

to deliver

Traditional Values

“Technology may bring us together, but good old fashioned person-to-person conversations create the lasting relationship!”

Who are Evans Moore?

Like-minded real estate professionals working together to achieve a common goal of industry professionalism and client satisfaction

Brad Evans

Excerpt from bio: “I thought about going into real estate in my late 20’s as my mother was a Broker in Tulare for many years. She told me to not do it as I was too nice of a person and I may not like how some people may have treated me. So, obviously I could not go against my mother’s advice (at that time!)

Greg Moore

Excerpt from bio: Following college, I went back to Michigan, obtained my real estate license, and a residential builders license. This provided me the opportunity to work with a developer in creating a new single-family subdivision. I also worked in property management and built custom homes in Ann Arbor. Following this I spent a year in Edmond, Oklahoma where I was a project manager in the acquisition and renovation of a 100-unit multi-family property.


Not really. We use the word “Associates” to be compliant with the Department of Real Estate.



Individual Real Estate Consultants who COLLABORATE as EQUALS to COLLECTIVELY provide the best service to our individual clients.




a person who works jointly on an activity or project; an associate.

“Our structure is unlike other real estate teams in the industry. Camaraderie and Equality are paramount. Greg and I are only the namesakes due to a department of real estate rule. We have created a structure where all Consultants believe in the Golden Rule Consultant Model, collaborate for industry knowledge and leverage, yet may appear as an independent agent in the eyes of the public” – Brad


Michael Villalobos

 Excerpt from Michael’s bio: My attention to detail creates a “Peace Of Mind” with my clients as they know I am meticulous in all aspects of this business. I strive to be more than just someone that advises on the buying or selling of a home, but also a resource on all aspects of this great community.