Ambulance Chasing Agents

A while back I had two interesting experiences in relation to this business of Real Estate. I missed a call and listened to the voicemail. It was a woman that said she is calling back to a message I had just left. I did not leave this woman a message so I thought it initially strange. She went on to say for me to take her name off of her calling list as she has no intention of selling her home in the near future and doesn’t want to be bothered by my phone calls anymore. I immediately called her back and explained that I never called her and that I do not do Cold Calls as that is a very disrespectful and desperate way for Realtors to get business. She said she just redialed the number and got me. So, I am concerned how my number was hijacked. But more concerned that I am possibly being thought of in the same realm as those Realtors that cold call.

Later that evening I was having dinner at my parents’ home. A call came during the dinner hour and it was a local Realtor asking if they were interested in selling their home. Of course, my father said no and that if he was he would use his son. I am bothered by the lack of integrity of this as my parents’ home number is on the National Do Not Call Registry. Realtors can get by with calling as they ask a question which can appear as a survey, then lead to a sales pitch depending upon the answer. Obviously, this is a lack of integrity.

The term “Ambulance Chaser” is in reference to unscrupulous Persona Injury Lawyers who would follow ambulances to crash sites and try to pick up injury clients. This is illegal. In 2003 the National Do Not Call Registry was created due to the public’s growing dislike of unsolicited calls coming in by sales people.

Think of this scenario:

Ring Ring: You answer the phone

Caller: Hello, my name is Brad and I am a dentist in town and I was wondering if you are in the need to have your teeth checked. I would love the opportunity to check your teeth as I have checked the teeth of several others in your community. What do you think?

You: (click)

You would hang up as it would be kinda creepy.

Or this:

Knock Knock: On your door

You answer the door: Hello

Person at door: Hello, my name is Brad and I am a local Dentist and I am just walking the neighborhood asking if you would be interested in allowing me to check your teeth? I have several local people as patients and I would like to know if you are interested in becoming my patient?

You at the door: (Slam)

And lately, there have been many agents promoting their business on their Facebook Profile. This is in violation of the contract with Facebook as laid out in the Terms and Conditions. As Real Estate Agents, we take contracts very seriously. If an agent will disregard a simple contract as that with Facebook, will they disregard aspects of a purchase agreement?

These are extreme analogies. Sometimes people seem to just accept the way things are done. However, if you look at things from other perspectives it may make you think, reflect and reevaluate.

The purchase of a home is one of the biggest purchases of a person’s lifetime. It represents hundreds of thousands of dollars. The process can be stressful and time consuming. Do you want to have work on your teeth done by someone you don’t know who Cold Called you? Or walked your neighborhood knocking on doors? If you are okay with that then that is fine. And using the equivalence in a Realtor is okay. There is someone for everybody. However, if you are not comfortable with someone who randomly calls or knocks on doors, I suggest you ask around. Everyone knows at least 5 Realtors. Choose one that works full time and has a personality and business strategy that fits your comfort level.

I know there are some (probably many) Realtors who adamantly disagree with my thoughts on this issue. That’s okay. I don’t mean any disrespect, it’s just not for me. There are many ways to market your services in this business. I know what fits for me and my level of integrity.

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