Meet Brad Evans

I truly believe in the saying, “My friends become my clients and my clients become my friends”. This is a personal business, and I like making new friends!

I was born and raised in Tulare, CA. As a child I was always several inches taller than the other kids. Luckily, I had some athletic ability to go with my size. I was an average student scholastically, but enjoyed playing football, basketball, and baseball. It was the 70’s, so the tennis craze with Jimmy Connors and Chrissy Evert was the rage. I lived down the street from the local Country Club and that is where I learned to play tennis. Granted, the Country Club in Tulare truly was a club in the country, surrounded by ag land! The summers swimming at the big pool and playing tennis are some of my fondest memories.

In school I was always involved in student government. I was President in elementary and Vice-President in Junior High and High School. I went to California State University, Long Beach where I got my degree in Radio/Television/Film production. I was the President of the College Students in Broadcasting Club and was the Associated Students Concert Commissioner. My desire was to be a Film Producer. I have also always had a passion for Event Management.

While in college I interned at Capital Records in Hollywood where I worked on many music videos in the mid 80’s. Following college, I moved to Pismo Beach to work as a Producer for a local advertising agency and the hopes of making an independent film. I also DJ’d at The Graduate, a local large night club.  

As life happens and initial plans don’t work out at times, I moved back to Tulare and got my Teaching Credential and taught high school for several years. I loved teaching because I really enjoy working with kids. I coached basketball, softball, and directed the student plays. State budget cuts eliminated my position as a teacher in the early 90’s. I then went into Financial Planning for a short time. While in Tulare I had the privilege of being on the very first Leadership Tulare class. My goal was to work towards being on the city council. I got married and had two beautiful children.

I thought about going into real estate in my late 20’s as my mother was a Broker in Tulare for many years. She told me to not do it as I was too nice of a person and I may not like how some people may have treated me. So, obviously I could not go against my mother’s advice (at that time!)

An opportunity to move to the Central Coast presented itself and my family could not pass it up. I have been on the Central Coast for over 25 years and enjoy living where I would vacation as a kid.

The Central Coast is such a wonderful place to call home. I see my childhood friends who come to vacation and have made some great new friends all over San Luis Obispo county.

I have had several occupations over the years. For several years I co-owned a sandwich shop, Stacked Sandwiches, in Grover Beach. The experience of being a small business owner created a passion of helping other local small businesses compete and succeed against the competition of large franchise companies.

I have always continued my community involvement. I have been on the Board of the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce, President of the Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador of the Arroyo Grande Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce, President of the Rotary Club of Grover Beach, and a Commissioner of the Grover Beach Planning Commission. Currently I am on the Board of Directors of the Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce.

Eventually, I went against my mothers advice and got into real estate. I like to think I am still a nice guy, but just a little more wiser due to my many life experiences. I would never change the route I took that lead me into real estate as it has made me a more rounded person (figuratively, well, literally a little too, but I am working on that!). I think of myself as a “People Person”.  In whatever I do I always follow the Golden Rule of simply “Treating others as I would like to be treated”. In Real Estate, I think of myself not as a Sales Agent, but as a Guide for Buyers and Sellers during a real estate transaction. Providing information and communication is key to making sure each client has a great experience.