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It’s All About YOU!

With over 60 years combined experience in real estate, business ownership, education, marketing, and sales, Evans Moore and Associates is uniquely qualified to provide a differentiated approach that sets the buying experience apart from others in its marketplace.

We approach real estate from the emotional aspect first, and then bring in the objective data and industry statistics as supporting information. We understand that there may be some fear, anxiety, stress, and trust emotions during a real estate transaction. It is our job to recognize and alleviate any possible negative emotions and provide a positive experience. Our LPC process, and the tasks involved, is a systematic approach that guides clients through every stage of a transaction. There are three sections, LISTEN, PLAN, and CELEBRATE. Within each section there are tasks that move the process along in a purposeful manner.

We are with our clients every step of the way. This process is similar to that of selling, but with some slight changes due to the transaction type. Many of our buyers are also sellers, and we represent them in both transactions.


verb: lis-ten

take notice of and act on what someone says; respond to advice or a request.

LISTEN TO YOU! This is the most important step of any real estate transaction. We are very thorough in this initial step as we want to know as much as possible about your desires, reasonings, goals, and expectations of your new home. A conversation should take place at the very onset of any thoughts about buying. We understand that you may just be “thinking about” buying, but don’t know when you will be ready so you do not want to have a conversation with an agent. The “thinking about” stage IS THE PERFECT TIME to reach out and have a conversation.


You Listen To You!

You should have a good conversation with yourself! You should have a good conversation with your partner if you have one. You should evaluate that you are emotionally ready to move forward. Everyone needs to be aligned and ready. Talking with us will alleviate any common fears, however, only you can tell yourself if you are really ready to go down the path. If you find you are not ready to go forward, it is best to recognize and make adjustments now, before you get into a transaction and cost a lot of time and money.


Listen To Us!

We will take everything that you told us and then apply it to the current market conditions. We will provide you realistic expectations and have you ready for the next step. We will review the materials that will have been provided to you before our talk. Material on Big Block Realty, Evans Moore and Associates, and the buying process. We will have a Buyer’s Agreement signed that show’s we are completely committed to providing you with top quality service. As you start down the LPC path, remember, the timeline is always controlled by YOU!


noun: plan

a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something

We take all of the information discussed in Step 1 and create a personalized buying plan that takes into account your unique desires and current situation.



Having a clear understanding of how you are going to fund the purchase of a new property needs to be solidified. We cannot look at homes before we know what price range you qualify. Looking at homes before knowing the price point may lead to frustration. Getting an emotional attachment to a possible new home only to find out you cannot afford it is not a good feeling. Additionally, sellers will not look at any offers if they are not accompanied with a letter showing proof of qualifications in funding. So, if you did find a house you like, but do not have a letter showing you are qualified, you cannot make an offer anyway. Our Associates can advise you on reputable lenders and provide information to help you prepare for the lending qualification process.



Once we have verified proof of the purchase price which you qualify we can begin looking at properties.  We will set you up with a personal search portal with all your TANGIBLE and INTANGIBLE criteria. When a new home comes on the market you will be notified immediately so that you can check it out online. If you like it, we will be available to view the home when you are ready.

The search process may be short, or it may take some time. It all depends on your criteria’s and the current state of the market in your desired location. We will always be a “barometer” of rationale thought for you.


Make An Offer!

It is our “Fiduciary Responsibility” to look out for you and your investment decision. We will educate you on the pros and cons of every home so that when you decide to make an offer, it comes from a place of complete understanding and desire. You will “Sell Yourself” on a home from the information we provide. We will do an analysis of the property in the current market and review with you an offering strategy. Our Associate will negotiate all desired terms and conditions on your behalf so that you not only have a fair price, but are legally covered so there are no surprises in the future.


verb: cel-e-brate

acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.

When an offer is accepted, we are closer to the CELEBRATION.


Due Diligence!

When your offer is accepted we are begin the escrow period. The Associate works with our Transaction Coordinator who coordinates with other affiliates and associated real estate professionals to meet the legally directed time designations. Inspections, walk-throughs, possible contingencies, disclosures, appraisals, funding, and more are all directed by the Transaction Coordinator and supervised by the Associate. The client is guided through this possible emotional roller-coaster so it can be a stress-free transition.


New Beginnings!

We never use the word “Closed” or “Sold”. We say, “New Beginnings!” The transaction of the purchase of your new home may be completed, but the next stage of your life is about to begin. We CELEBRATE this new chapter of your life, and we continue our relationship as you may, and probably will, have more real estate transactions to come!

Brad represented me and my family in the sale of my mom’s home after her passing. It was hard for our family to let go of the home as it had so many wonderful memories. I honestly can’t think of anything Brad could have done differently. From start to finish Brad made the process go very smooth and we all appreciated everything. 

JoAnne Thomas

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