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At Evans Moore and Associates, our focus is to Consult, Guide, Advise, and Educate our clients in all aspects of Selling, Buying, and Investing in Commercial Real Estate.

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“CONSULT” is the name of our mascot. We represent Buyers and Sellers in a variety of Real Estate transactions. However, as you will read in our information, our approach is as “Consultants” and not as “Sales Agents”. We have CONSULT present our information as he is incredibly knowledgeable and far better looking than us!


com-mer-cial: /kəˈmərSHəl/

making or intended to make a profit


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“Passion Provides Purpose, But Data Drives Decisions”

-Andy Dunn

There are TWO types of INFORMATION needed when SELLING or BUYING a property


BOTH are EQUALLY important


The “TANGIBLE” aspects are anything that you can PHYSICALLY see or touch. The construction, materials, soil, utilities, and more are all the “tangible” aspects. Knowledge of these aspects, beyond superficial visuals, will help to determine the profitability of an investment.


The “INTANGIBLE” aspects of the community, zoning, city, demographics, and culture of where the property resides will AFFECT the profitability of an investment. These aspects are not something that can be physically touched, that is why we refer to them as “intangible”. The intangible aspects will affect your investment in a positive or negative manner. Our Feasibility Studies help determine the potential profitability of an investment.

Consult Holmes, Lead Investigator

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    Sellers of any commercial property should have at the very least, an easy-to-read Offering Memorandum that provides as much information as possible for potential buyers. Buyers/Investors are very busy people. If they must call a listing agent for information that should already be made readily available, they may pass on the property and look for one that is marketed with an attractive OM.
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    I am doing a series of blogs explaining each of the different categories of Commercial Real Estate. This first blog is a general overview and future blogs will provide a more in-depth analysis of each commercial property type and their characteristics as a commercial real estate investment.