Buying Commercial Real Estate in San Luis Obispo County

Do you know the Potential Profitability of an investment property in a particular location?

Do you know all of the costs, fees, and legalities needed to buy?

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Don’t get “STUNG” by unforeseen expenses

Knowing the full amount of your estimated outlay will allow for a truly informed decision on your part.

  • FUNDING AMOUNT APPROVAL: This step doesn’t cost you money, but it does cost you time. And time has value! If you are going to need a commercial loan, THIS IS THE FIRST STEP! ALWAYS!! All other expenses will be based on your approved funding amount as it will determine the PRICE of the property you will want to invest in. If you are not currently approved for funding, we can assist by introducing trusted lenders that we have vetted and are confident will take good care of you. If you need to sell your current property, we will create a SEE REPORT and determine the equity available for a new purchase.
  • DOWN PAYMENT: Once we know the funding amount which you are qualified, and the property type you are desiring, we will know the amount of money needed as a down payment.
  • RENOVATIONS: Estimate the costs of any renovations needed, if any, to bring the property to meet your desired goals for usage.
  • UTILITY SETUP & MOVING COSTS: We provide an estimate of the costs needed to set up utilities at the new property. If moving costs will be needed, we can create an estimate based on the distance of the move and the size of the truck and if movers are needed.
  • CLOSING COSTS: We provide a Buyer’s Closing Cost estimate. This has fees, taxes, insurances, and other customary costs associated with buying a property.
  • ESTIMATED EXPENSE: The individual amounts are added together for a TOTAL of estimated costs. With this knowledge, you will be able to move forward with confidence as we have done the due diligence at the onset and minimize any potential surprises or frustrations that may be encountered once the property search and buying process begins.

With a BEE REPORT you can make an INFORMED DECISION if now is the best time to invest in a certain property or not.

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