RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE is viewed as a “generic” term that covers most real estate transactions. It refers to properties of 1-4 units that are sold within the average price range of a geographic region. The majority of real estate agents focus on Residential Real Estate. If you speak with someone and they say, “I’m in Real Estate” it is safe to assume that the majority of these statements are in regards to Residential properties.

If an agent focuses on one of the specialty segments, they will usually say, “I am a Commercial Real Estate Agent” or “I’m a Luxury Real Estate Agent” or “I’m a Land Real Estate Agent”.

Our FULL-SERVICE approach allows us to work with clients in all segments of real estate. We cannot emphasize enough that each specialty has its own idiosyncrasies. The marketing of a Luxury home is COMPLETELY different to that of a Residential home.

Buying and Selling is more than just the “Physical” property, it is EQUALLY about where “The Address” of the property lies.

These are called the




And they effect your


The “TANGIBLE” aspects provide comfort while you are physically in your home. Your desired criteria such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, kitchen size, etc. are all the “tangible” aspects because they are something you can physically touch.

The “INTANGIBLE” aspects of the community, area, city, neighborhood, of the address that the home resides effects your lifestyle. These aspects are not something that can be physically touched, that is why we refer to them as “intangible”. However, the intangible aspects may effect your lifestyle in a positive or negative manner. For this reason, we feel that providing these intangible aspects are equally as important as the tangibles.

It is our responsibility as your agents to provide this information to you in an OBJECTIVE manner from publicly available sources so that you can see if a property also meets your personal SUBJECTIVE criteria’s that you desire for your lifestyle. Weather, Population Density, Crime Rates, Education Levels, Proximity to health services, and more need to be equally addressed when buying or selling a home.

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Equally as important as it is to provide guidance in the buying and selling of the physical homes, we also provide an abundance of information of each COMMUNITY. You are not only selling or buying the physical property, you are also selling or buying the location in which the property is located. This aspect CAN NEVER be understated as it is as influential in the value of a property as the physical property itself.

For this reason, our agents live in, and are a part of, the COMMUNITIES we represent. This way, we can provide not only the “TANGIBLE” information of a property, but also the valuable “INTANGIBLE” of a property that only come from the knowledge of someone who lives in, or very close to, the same geographic location.

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Meet Our Community Representatives

Our Agents all live in various parts of the county. This allows for an understanding of the “Vibe” and the “Intangibles” of each community we represent.

Brad Evans

Scenic Coast

Morro Bay, Cayucos, Los Osos, San Luis Obispo, Cambria

Brad has lived in Morro Bay for the last 4 years. Previous to that he spent over 20 years in South County. He has also worked in North County. He is very familiar with all of these sections of the county.

Greg Moore

South County

Avila Beach, Shell Beach, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Oceano, and Nipomo

Greg lives in Arroyo Grande. He is a member of the South County Chamber of Commerce. He also owns an Interior Furnishings business with his wife in the Village of Arroyo Grande.

Michael Villalobos

North County

Paso Robles, Atascadero, Templeton, and more

Michael was raised in Paso Robles. He went to Paso Robles High School and is very familiar with all of North County

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