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Brad represented me and my family in the sale of my mom’s home after her passing. It was hard for our family to let go of the home as it had so many wonderful memories. I honestly can’t think of anything Brad could have done differently. From start to finish Brad made the process go very smooth and we all appreciated everything. -JoAnne Thomas

JoAnne Thomas

Selling Your San Luis Obispo County Home Should Be Easy, Fast, and with Minimal Stress and put the most money in your pocket!

Selling a house or property is a big decision. Right now you’re probably thinking…

“When is the right time to sell?”  “What is my property actually worth?” (HINT: not what Zillow say’s it’s worth) “Who should I work with?”  “I’m busy… how can I sell it with as little of my time as possible but put the most money in our pockets?”

We understand that selling your home is a big decision. It may even be anxiety producing. We get it. Our job is to alleviate any worries. Doing some basic research will save you a lot of time and money.


When selling a home, one of 2 PATHS can be pursued. This is determined by YOU and your individual wants and needs from the sale. Once the PATH is determined, then the approach on how to sell the home is determined by US. (hint: it is always PROACTIVE, but we want to show you the differences for illustration)

It is customary to think that everyone wants the most amount of money from the sale of a home. HOWEVER, for some people, there is also a “Time Necessity” factor to have the home sold. And, this time restriction may be a lot sooner than what the current average days on market is for the geographic location. Job transfers, Trust sales, and other instances add a factor in determining the PATH to take when selling your home.

MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY IN A SHORT TIME FRAME: If there is an instance where the property needs to be sold fast, the seller needs to know/accept that the final sales price will “possibly” be lower than if there were no time restraints. So, you can rest assured you will get the highest sales price that can be obtained in the “FAST” time parameter that needs to be met.

MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY WITH USUAL DAYS ON MARKET: Buyers DO NOT pay above the market value of a home. Would You? Pricing the home at the proper market value and understanding the complexities of average days on market, availability of buyer pools for your home, and the “Intangibles” that are associated with your address, all come into play with what the final sales price will be.

The proper PATH that will be taken will be discussed during our “LISTENING” appointment.

There are two ways to sell a property in San Luis Obispo County. REACTIVE selling is the OLD WAY of listing a property on the MLS, having it syndicated to the many online real estate portals like Zillow or Realtor dot com, and others (and no, syndication IS NOT marketing), putting a sign in the yard, doing a few posts on social media, and a few Open Houses, then sitting back and PRAY for a buyer. The NEW WAY of selling is PROACTIVE. This entails having everything of the REACTIVE method and including a strategic plan that exposes the property through MULTIPLE MARKETING MEDIUMS created by the selling agent, exposing to the proper demographics of buyers, and additional platforms with national and international databases that expands the potential buyer pool beyond just a local agents’ contacts.

In Modern Day Real Estate, sellers should want a PROCATIVE approach. This is what we do. A Consultant needs to be as equally proficient in MARKETING and understanding and observing the CHANGING SOCIETAL NORMS to maintain professionalism and integrity. We respond to these changes, that may result in a faster closing of your home. Knowing these differences, and being knowledgeable of the current trends, will create better outcomes for sellers.

Our LPC system Saves You Time, Money, and Stress In Selling Your San Luis Obispo County Home

Here’s a simple version of how our exclusive LPC plan works

  • LISTEN: First we listen to you and understand your desires as we take this information and apply it the current market. Then you listen to us as we take your desires and interpret them into the current real estate market and agree on the most advantageous price.
  • PLAN: We create a custom plan to market your home that does not alter your daily activities or lifestyle.
  • CELEBRATE: We close on your stress-free transaction and you move onto your next endeavor!
  • Then we REPEAT! In our initial “LISTEN” appointment, we not only discuss your IMMEDIATE real estate needs, we also discuss your goals and desires for the future. We lay down the “roadmap” to achieve ALL of your future real estate investments. This roadmap is written in pencil as we know dreams often change, but a “mapping” is always a good idea to lay out so WE can stay on top of watching out for your goals while YOU go on with your life! Our clients have “peace of mind” in knowing we will take care of them in all of their future real estate transactions so they do not need to create new relationships with a new agent each time.

Want to know more DETAIL about our LPC SELLING SYSTEM?

San Luis Obispo County Home Values Have Recently Changed: What’s Your Home Worth Today?

Property values are changing in San Luis Obispo County and all around California.

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