If I could sum up the service Brad gave us in one word, it would be AWESOME! When we first listed our property, we got stuck with a sleazy & lazy realtor that did nothing for us even though he promised us everything we wanted just to get the listing… It was so bad, this realtor actually refused to show proof of anything he was doing and only cared about one thing, his commission and not our needs or investment! It was a bad situation BUT then we met with Brad and he showed us what a true professional really was. Brad is well connected with the community, listens (this is huge) and can actually execute a proper marketing campaign. Brad truly puts yours and your investments needs first before anything else. We wanted to be very active online and Brad went above and beyond to market our property with social media, catchy signs, videos, a personal website and always updated us weekly with everything he was doing and how the market was doing so we could stay competitive. It was very reassuring to have a true professional on our side that could follow through on everything he said he would do and what we wanted him to do. If you’re looking for a professional that understands the market, community and how to get / keep your property top of mind, we HIGHLY recommend Brad Evans. My family and I can’t thank Brad enough for saving us from the sleazy realtor that held our property hostage! Your skills, know how and true passion for what you do is what makes you awesome and in my opinion, one of the best realtors on the central coast! If you don’t hire Brad to represent you / your next investment, you’re truly doing yourself a disservice! -Donny Michel

Donny Michel

Selling Your San Luis Obispo County Home Should Be Easy, Fast, and with Minimal Stress and put the most money in your pocket!

Selling a house or property is a big decision. Right now you’re probably thinking…

“When is the right time to sell?”  “What is my property actually worth?” (HINT: not what Zillow say’s it’s worth) “Who should I work with?”  “I’m busy… how can I sell it with as little of my time as possible but put the most money in our pockets?”

We understand that selling your home is a big decision. It may even be anxiety producing. We get it. Our job is to alleviate any worries. Doing some basic research will save you a lot of time and money.

Please read below to learn about REPRESENTATION and the SELLING PROCESS. Whether you choose to work with us, or someone else, we believe this may be useful information.




WHO to you work with?

  • A REALTOR: If you have worked with one in the past, developed a good relationship, and they have stayed in touch with you, then reach out to them. As much as we would like to work with you, we always respect our colleagues and appreciate loyalty. If you do not have a relationship with a Realtor, we encourage you to read about EMA, the Consultants, and our system and see if what we offer is a good fit for you.
  • A CONSULTANT: Real Estate agents may have different approaches. Some use a Sales Agent approach, and some use a Consultant approach. There is a difference. You should learn which approach is the best fit for you. We have created the Golden Rule Consultant approach. It all boils down to, “Treating my clients as I would want to be treated”.
  • BUSINESS, NOT PERSONAL: At one point recently there were over 2,000 licensed real estate salespeople in San Luis Obispo County. However, maybe 20% of these people are working daily. You may have a friend that has a license, but with the constantly changing legalities and contracts, it is best to make sure you use someone that is actively working. If not, it may cost you money, frustration, and a friendship.

WHAT are the first steps?

  • USE A CURRENTLY LICENSED REALTOR: Do not sell a home on your own. The sales price when using a Realtor is 11-18% higher than when a seller does a For Sale By Owner (FSBO). This far outweighs any commission that some sellers are hesitant about. Also, we are trained in the legalities to keep you out of court as those who sell a home themselves are one of the leading causes of court cases today.
  • RESEARCH REPRESENTATIVES: Selling a home is a big decision. Know if you want a Salesperson or a Consultant, as this will affect your stress level, and eventual outcome. Spend time researching a representative and find one that provides the characteristics that appeals to you. Establishing a relationship brings “Peace of Mind” in knowing you will not have to search for representation again in the future. Often, we also represent the sellers as buyers of the new home in which they are moving, no matter the location.

WHY use a Consultant?

  • “WHEN YOU’RE READY…”: This is the tagline for our team. As Consultants, we are ready to educate, guide, and advise when YOU reach out to me. We never do unsolicited calling of people as this goes against our Golden Rule belief.
  • THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SALES AGENT AND A CONSULTANT: Basically, it is in the initial approach, knowing the “Tangibles & Intangibles” of a community, and respecting knowledge and experience to get the best outcome for clients.
  • GOLDEN RULE CONSULTANT: If you desire a Golden Rule Consultant approach, stay away from the “Real Estate Tinder” websites that show current listings and headshots of agents that buy their position on the sites. As a Golden Rule Consultant, we choose not to promote ourselves on these sites as they are not of the professionalism or integrity that we choose to be affiliated.

WHERE to find a Representative?

  • WORD OF MOUTH: Ask your trusted friends if they may know any Consultants that you can research and see if their approach is appealing to you.
  • LOCAL: Always use a Consultant that lives in, or in near proximity of, the community that you wish to sell. A local Consultant knows the “Intangibles” of a community and can convey this aspect to buyers. Check out our City Data to learn more.
  • SEARCH: If you do not know of a local Consultant in the community of your property, do a search of the real estate consultants in the area.
  • MODERN-DAY MARKETING: Look to see if they have THEIR OWN WEBSITE and are not reliant upon a brokerage created site or use one of the major home search portals. Evaluate if the agent has taken the time to create a thorough website with current content and education regarding best practices and current local market information. Over 80% of buyers start their home search on the internet. If an agent takes the time to create, and continually adds content to their website, it shows that they are efficient and current on todays most effective form of marketing.

WHEN to contact a Consultant?

  • ONSET!: At the very first onset of thinking about selling a property is when you research for a Consultant. Many people think they need to be absolutely ready before they contact a Consultant. Our question is – What is absolutely ready? And how do you know what that is? Contacting us at the very beginning will save you time and money because we know the current market and can tell you if there needs to be any upgrades or not to your property. 
  • TIMEFRAME: It’s up to you and your personal situation. There are many factors that may dictate your personal reasonings for, and time parameters, for selling. This is not a cookie-cutter situation, so we will guide you based on your needs and desires.

HOW to contact a Consultant?

  • IDENTIFY: First, when researching for a Consultant, make sure that a representative identifies themselves as a Consultant and not as a sales agent.
  • PATIENCE: Just as you will be selective when looking for a new property, you need to be patient in finding your representative.
  • VIBES MATTER: Make contact with a Consultant and trust your “vibe” to see if you feel that this is the person you want to develop a relationship. You do not have to sign-on with the first one you contact. Ourselves included.
  • RELATIONAL: We are “Relational” Consultants. We develop Relationships for a lifetime and represent clients on all transactions, no matter the type. As opposed to a “Transactional” sales agent that is a one and done salesperson.
  • CONTACT FORM, TEXT, CALL: Whichever form of initial contact that you are comfortable with, go ahead and reach out and get the ball rolling.




We created the LPC system for Buying and Selling of properties. This is a systematic approach that reduces stress and guides you each step of the way. We feel there is nothing worse than not knowing what comes next – on anything! For this reason, we created this simple, yet thorough, system. Click below for our Selling LPC system and learn the process.


Seller’s Estimated Equity Report

Knowing the current value of your home is a good thing. HOWEVER, I feel, the most important information is “How much money will you generate from the sale of your home after all costs and expenses are deducted”.

We created the SEE REPORT especially for sellers so you can make a fully informed decision regarding whether the time is right to sell your home.

  • HOME VALUE REPORT: I analyze the location of the home, the condition of the home, and apply it to the current market to arrive at an estimated sales price. This IS NOT an automated value report based solely on radius geographical sales history. I manually look at all aspects to come up with an accurate estimated price.
  • MORTGAGE BALANCE: The remaining balance of current mortgage is deducted.
  • HOME PREPAREDNESS & MOVING COSTS: I estimate the costs needed to have the home ready to put on the market (possible repairs, staging, cleaning) and give an estimate of costs needed to move to your next location.
  • CLOSING COSTS: I provide a Seller’s Closing Cost estimate. This has fee’s, commissions, taxes, and other customary costs associated with selling a property.
  • ESTIMATED EQUITY: And there you have it! You will then have an estimated amount of equity that you will generate once all is completed.