The Detailed Selling System

Most amount of MONEY with a SHORT TIME FRAME


Most amount of MONEY with USUAL DAYS ON MARKET

It is customary to think that everyone wants the most amount of money from the sale of a home. HOWEVER, for some people, there is also a “Time Necessity” factor to have the home sold. And, this time restriction may be a lot sooner than what the current average days on market is for the geographic location. Job transfers, Trust sales, and other instances add a factor in determining the PATH to take when selling your home.

MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY IN A SHORT TIME FRAME: If there is an instance where the property needs to be sold fast, the seller needs to know/accept that the final sales price will “possibly” be lower than if there were no time restraints. However, you can rest assured you will get the highest sales price that can be obtained in the “FAST” time parameter that needs to be met.

MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY WITH USUAL DAYS ON MARKET: Buyers DO NOT pay above the market value of a home. Would you? Pricing the home at the proper market value and understanding the complexities of average days on market, availability of buyer pools for your home, and the “Intangibles” that are associated with your address, all come into play with what the final sales price will be. A “PROACTIVE” marketing strategy will bring a higher price over a “REACTIVE” sales approach.

The proper PATH that will be taken will be discussed during our “LISTENING” appointment.




There are two ways to sell a property in San Luis Obispo County. REACTIVE selling is the OLD WAY of listing a property on the MLS, having it syndicated to the many online real estate portals like Zillow or Realtor dot com, and others (and no, syndication IS NOT marketing), putting a sign in the yard, doing a few posts on social media, and a few Open Houses, then sitting back and PRAY for a buyer. The NEW WAY of selling is PROACTIVE. This entails having everything of the REACTIVE method and including a strategic plan that exposes the property through MULTIPLE MARKETING MEDIUMS created by the selling agent, exposing to the proper demographics of buyers, and additional creative platforms with national and international databases that expands the potential buyer pool beyond just a local agents’ contacts.

In Modern Day Real Estate, sellers should want a PROCATIVE approach. This is what I do. As a Consultants, we need to be proficient in MARKETING and observe the CHANGING SOCIETAL NORMS to maintain professionalism and integrity. We respond to these changes, that may result in a faster closing of your home. Knowing these differences, and being knowledgeable of the current trends, will create better outcomes for sellers.

Every home is has its own identity. Therefore, every home has a different potential buyer. EXPOSING the home to the proper demographic of buyers takes a clearly defined and custom-tailored marketing strategy.


We work with CLIENTS who are SELECTIVE in who they choose to associate. Our CLIENTS are assured in their decision to sell and are communicative in their goals and desires. In return, we are SELECTIVE with who we choose to work with as CLIENTS. We limit the number of listings we take on at any given time so that we may be fully available and focused on the goal of exposing the home to the right buyers and achieving the highest price in the shortest amount of time.


DIFFERENTIATING a home through custom creative exposure strategies generates ATTRACTION. Vying for the ATTENTION of the targeted buyers, who are also looking at similar homes in the similar market, is a welcomed challenge for EMA. Creativity creates the “Shiny Object” that gets noticed.


Real Estate is LOCAL. Having a Consultant that lives in, or close proximity to, the listed home gives an advantage in EXPOSURE as the INTANGIBLES of the community are known and can be conveyed in the custom creative marketing strategies. If a CLIENT has a relationship with an individual Consultant, but the home is outside of that Consultants geographic expertise, the CLIENT does not have to worry. The Client/Consultant relationship will never be broken. The established Consultant will bring in the other team Consultant who is a Local of the home community and they will both work together to provide the best representation for a seller.

Our LPC process for Selling is a guideline for each step of the selling process. We are with our CLIENTS every step of the way. This process is similar to that of Buying, but with some slight changes due to the transaction type. Many of our sellers are also buyers, and we represent them in both transactions.


We approach real estate from the emotional aspect first, and then bring in the objective data and industry statistics as supporting information. We understand that there may be some fear, anxiety, stress, and trust emotions during a real estate transaction. It is our job to recognize and alleviate any possible negative emotions and provide a positive experience. Our LPC process, and the tasks involved, is a systematic approach that guides CLIENTS through every stage of a transaction. There are three sections, Listen, Plan, and Celebrate. Within each section there are tasks that move the process along in a purposeful manner.


verb: lis-ten

take notice of and act on what someone says; respond to advice or a request.

LISTEN TO YOU! This is the most important step of any real estate transaction. We are very thorough in this initial step as we want to know as much as possible about your home, reasonings, goals, and expectations for the sale of your home. A conversation should take place at the very onset of any thoughts about selling. We understand that you may just be “thinking about” selling, but don’t know when you will be ready so you do not want to have a conversation with an agent. The “thinking about” stage IS THE PERFECT TIME to reach out and have a conversation.


You should have a good conversation with yourself! You should have a good conversation with your partner if you have one. You should evaluate that you are emotionally ready to move forward. Everyone needs to be aligned and ready. Talking with us will alleviate any common fears, however, only you can tell yourself if you are really ready to go down the path. If you find you are not ready to go forward, it is best to recognize and make adjustments now, before you get into a transaction and cost a lot of time and money.


We will take everything that you told us and then apply it to the current market conditions. Together, we determine which selling PATH we will take. We will provide realistic expectations and have you ready for each new step. We will review the materials that will have been provided to you before our talk. Material on the current market, Evans Moore and Associates, and our creative exposure strategies. As you start the LPC system, remember, the timeline is always controlled by YOU!


noun: plan

a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something

Once we have talked and you are ready to move forward, the next step is to align our exposure plan with your lifestyle so that we can all work together in a unified manner.


We gather all of the pieces of information about you, your home, your lifestyle, the neighborhood, the community, and research all aspects of what a potential buyer for your home will want to know. We believe in complete transparency as this eliminates any surprises during escrow. We then create a custom plan for exposing your home to the right buyers if they are local, statewide, regional, national, or international.


We become PARTNERS during a transaction. And PARTNERS need to always communicate. We align all of the gathered information into a CUSTOM EXPOSURE PLAN specifically for your property. Not all aspects of available exposure mediums need to be on every plan due to the type of PATH or the nature of each property and current state of the market



Once the decision is made to move forward with selling the home, the first objective is to get the home ready to be presented in the best possible manner. This means addressing what is “seen” and what is “not seen.” Our Consultants help assess the “visual” aspects of the home and advise on the best practices of presentation to achieve the highest appeal to buyers. In addition, it is best to address the “structural” aspects and correct them at the onset so they do not show up once in escrow and possibly cost more time and money. As part of our Client Experience provisions, WE PAY for a Home Inspection once we have a signed listing contract. This allows our sellers to address and correct any issues so they may not arise once in escrow and the buyers have their own inspection.


The home will be listed on the MLS: Multiple Listing Service. This allows other real estate agents to view the home and request to show it to any of their buying clients. In addition, once on the MLS the home will be syndicated to the many online real estate websites where there will viewed by interested buyers around the world.


Each home has a story. Modern-day real estate selling goes beyond just providing the “tangible” aspects of the home, to get the greatest response it needs to tell the story of the “intangibles” of the home as well. These include the neighborhood, the community, and all of the data it represents. Story Selling creates an “Emotional Trigger” in a buyer that can never be achieved through providing only one-dimensional facts of the physical aspects of a home. Story Selling is delivered through the written word, imagery through photos, videos, and more.


“A Picture Tells A Thousand Words” In real estate, the quality of the pictures creates thousands of additional dollars! Additionally, poor quality pictures will cost thousands of dollars. A strategic method that optimizes the story of the home and accentuates all positive aspects and key selling points.


A visual story of the home, the neighborhood, and the community is created that conveys what LIFE is like when owning the home. This DIFFERENTIATED approach will not allow the exposure of the home to be lost among the vast number of real estate videos that are all visually similar in methodology of shots and appearance.


A mobile responsive website with its unique domain name will tell the story of the home through the written word, the imagery of the photos, and the movie. Maps, and all community information will be presented. Contact forms that generate an instantaneous response keeps prospective buyers informed and engaged while they are currently in the moment of interest.


Mailers, Flyers, Brochures, and Door Hangers, are created for certain demographics to increase maximum exposure.


Evans Moore & Associates is very aggressive in the search engine optimization of its own site. The listed home will be featured on its website to increase exposure. This gives added exposure on the World Wide Web! (yes, an old school term!)


Over 80% of American adults are actively using some form of social media daily. Websites such as Facebook and Instagram dominate in the exposure of real estate listings. A strategic and planned strategy of both posts and purchased advertising further utilizes the Story Selling Triggers to generate increased interest of prospective buyers.


Evans Moore & Associates has a continually growing database of interested buyers that will see the listing featured in the emails until it is sold.


Admittedly, less than 4% of all open houses are ever sold to buyers who attend open houses. These are largely used as marketing techniques by agents to possibly gain new clients for other possible homes. HOWEVER, the marketing opportunity through social media platforms creates an added exposure to a home that can be more beneficial in promoting a property than the actual event itself. Growing concern with reliability and intention of strangers unaccompanied by a licensed real estate professional is valid. Allowing Open Houses in a home is up to the sellers. We make sure all attendees sign in and are carefully watched during each viewing. We work with each property owner to educate and assess the need of this form of promotion. 


The Team puts the Exposure Plan in motion which brings a qualified buyer. With the Sellers as Clients, the Consultants respects the time parameters of the Clients and do not disrupt their lifestyles while being available to present the home to prospective buyers. All team members, affiliates, and associated real estate professionals work together under the leadership of the selected Consultant to create a systematic and stress-free transaction.


verb: cel-e-brate

acknowledge (a significant or happy day or event) with a social gathering or enjoyable activity.

When the offers start to come in, we are closer to the CELEBRATION.


We negotiate your chosen offer with the buyer representative. Arriving at the best terms for you while assuring the buyer is qualified so there are no unwanted surprises going forward.


Once an offer is accepted and we are in escrow, the Consultant works with our Transaction Coordinator who then coordinates with the other affiliates and associated real estate professionals to meet the legally directed time designations. Possible contingencies, disclosures, inspections, appraisals, funding, and more are all directed by the Transaction Coordinator and supervised by the Consultant. The Client is guided through this possible emotional roller-coaster so it can be a stress-free transition. 


We never use the word “Closed” or “Sold”. We say, “New Beginnings!” The transaction of the sale of your home may be completed, but the next stage of your life, and usually a new home which we represent you as a buyer, is about to begin. We CELEBRATE this new chapter of your life, and we continue our relationship as you may, and probably will, have more real estate transactions to come!