Tangible & Intangible

BOTH are EQUALLY important

The “Physical” home gives you comfort
The “Address” effects your lifestyle

The “TANGIBLE” aspects provide comfort while you are physically in your home. Your desired criteria such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, kitchen size, etc. are all the “tangible” aspects because they are something you can physically touch.

The “INTABGIBLES” aspects of the community, area, city, neighborhood, of the address that the home resides effects your lifestyle. These aspects are not something that can be physically touched, that is why we refer to them as “intangible”. However, the intangible aspects may effect your lifestyle in a positive or negative manner. For this reason, we feel that providing these intangible aspects are equally as important as the tangibles.

It is our responsibility as your agents to provide this information to you in an OBJECTIVE manner from publicly available sources so that you can see if a property also meets your personal SUBJECTIVE criteria’s that you desire for your lifestyle. Weather, Population Density, Crime Rates, Education Levels, Proximity to health services, and more need to be equally addressed when buying or selling a home. We provide over 40 data points of this public information.



Ready to “GO DEEP” on data? Evans Moore and Associates is providing one of the most comprehensive data portals for San Luis Obispo County available today. This is a “hub” of publicly available information put into a heatmap format for easy learning. You can search for current listings all over the state of California. All of the information below is current and ready for you to use as your “INTANGIBLE” information of each city in San Luis Obispo County You can fully explore properties and see if it is located in an area that meets your desired lifestyle. We have teamed with TopHap, a real estate data platform, to provide this information for any of our followers that are interested in this data for their personal information. Below is the map. Take a look and play around with it. Initially, much of the data points are locked because of the platform agreement we have with TopHap. If you are interested in unlocking the informative data points, simple fill out the Deep Dive Request Form below and we will send you an invite to have your own portal and access to all of the information. You will then be able to invite any of your friends to also have their own portal. This platform has many exciting new options coming in the near future that we are excited to share with you when they are made available.

Property Values Estimates

Pricing, Appreciation, Rental Rates

3D Elevation

3D topographical map of any parcel.


Rating Average, Test Score Ratings, Number of Students, Students per grade, Students per Teacher, Number of Teachers, College Bound percentage, Educational Climate Index, and more

Property Aspects

Living Space, Bedroom Count, Lot Size/Slope, HOA Fee, and more


Days on Market, Ownership Type, Turnover, Last Sales Price, and more


Walkability, Noise, Daytime Population, Seasonal Population, Rainfall, Temperature, Crime, and more


Home Equity Change, Taxes, Gross Rental Yield, Permit Count, and more


Population: Density/Genders, Median Age, Marital Status, Incomes, Family Size, and more

Data Deep Dive Portal Request

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