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RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE is, as the name implies, Real Estate regarding a Residence. This category covers most real estate transactions. It refers to properties of 1-4 units that are sold within the average price range of a geographic region.

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Residential Properties may be viewed as “Commercial” because they can be bought and sold as investments that generate profits. We apply the same due diligence and potential profit estimates that are used in evaluating a traditional commercial property. Many new real estate investors start with the purchase of a single-family residence. They then either use it as a long-term rental, short-term rental, or flip it. We develop relationships with our clients, and they also use us to represent them in their primary residence transactions.

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The “TANGIBLE” aspects provide comfort while you are physically in your home. Your desired criteria such as number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, kitchen size, etc. are all the “tangible” aspects because they are something you can physically touch.

The “INTANGIBLE” aspects of the community, area, city, neighborhood, of the address that the home resides affects your lifestyle. These aspects are not something that can be physically touched, that is why we refer to them as “intangible”. However, the intangible aspects may affect your lifestyle in a positive or negative manner. For this reason, we feel that providing these intangible aspects are equally as important as the tangibles.

It is our responsibility as your agents to provide this information to you in an OBJECTIVE manner from publicly available sources so that you can see if a property also meets your personal SUBJECTIVE criteria’s that you desire for your lifestyle. Weather, Population Density, Crime Rates, Education Levels, Proximity to health services, and more need to be equally addressed when buying or selling a home.

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