When you’re ready…




San Luis Obispo County

…is our way of saying, “THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT!” (yes, Brad is a former high school basketball coach, so that’s the reason for the analogy) This may appear as a passive way of marketing. It is actually the opposite. We are aggressive, but in a professional manner and we are respectful of your time and place within your real estate decision process.


When we say, “When you’re ready…” we are not referencing the time that you are ready to list and market your property or start looking at properties. We are referencing the time that you are ready “TO TALK.” This is at the VERY ONSET of any IDEA of selling or buying. There are many steps, tasks, and processes that need to be addressed in a systematic manner. Everyone is an individual. Every transaction is individual. There are basic road maps in how to go about every transaction, however, when we overlay you and your needs, your financial situation, and the current real estate market, then the timeline is different for everyone based on these many factors.



We come from a place of “Giving”. We give information through all of our resources (website, emails, social media, and more). Providing community information, real estate information, and objective guidance is what we are about. With our education and guidance, our clients “sell themselves” on their decisions as they generate from a place of knowledge and confidence, and not us selling “to” them. We never do “unsolicited calls” to people. This does not fit into our Golden Rule philosophy.


The agents of EMA have many interests and personal revenue streams. This is encouraged as it creates a more knowledgeable and diversified team. It also improves the individual Consultants through our Collaborative Camaraderie team model. We never want our Consultants to be in a position that they “have to” make a sale due to personal financial reasons. This challenges a Consultants personal integrity and motives. Our motivation is always, “When you’re ready” and “When it’s right” so that personal integrity is always maintained and the highest of fiduciary responsibility is achieved.